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You won't believe what the U.S. Department of Agriculture permits farmers to inject into beef cattle, sheep, poultry, and dairy cows. After all, the faster an animal gains weight, the more quickly it can be slaughtered and sped to your dinner table. More telling yet, the USDA has mandated that organic food cannot contain added hormones, antibiotics, synthetic pesticides, irradiated components, genetically modified organisms, or reprocessed sewage.That means non-organic foods most likely contain these additives, all of which may be detrimental to your health, or even deadly.While the government insists that residual hormones and antibiotics in food are harmless, research proves otherwise. In Organic for Health, cancer and liver disease survivor Sandy Powers shares firsthand knowledge of antibiotics in seafood, pesticide absorption in fruits, diminished vitamin levels in vegetables, and additives that can trigger hyperactivity and asthma. And she brings the healing and restorative power of organic foods, rich in vitamins and minerals that are not over-produced by chemical agents, into sharp focus.Organic for Health will convince you to avoid conventionally grown foods laden with the biggest offenders, and more important, to fill your body with the clean, potent vitamins and minerals in organic foods that truly honor your health.


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