Eat Right- Your Life Depends On It!


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We now know that when inflammation (a normal immune system response to illness and injury) becomes chronic rather than acute it can be the major underlying factor in the increased incidence of coronary artery disease, cancer, type II diabetes, obesity and many other chronic inflammatory disease processes. Eating the type of diet recommended in this book, an anti-inflammation diet, can keep a person looking and feeling healthy for years to come. The body was designed to be in a constant state of balance and harmony. When the human body is given the right blend of nutrients to function well, it will stay in balance. Every human being, young or old needs the right amount of purified water daily, the right mixture and amount of favorable proteins; carbohydrates (fruits and vegetables) fats and most certainly, purified pharmaceutical grade Omega 3 fish oil. Illness, disease and aging can cause the body to spiral into a state of chronic inflammation but making the right food choices that keep the immune system strong and the body in harmony can dramatically help a person stay healthy, look good and be well nourished for the duration of their lives. Eat Right Your Life Depends On It, supplies the reader with a weekly grocery shopping list, a weekly grocery cost comparison chart, a daily menu plan and many wonderful recipes for the period of six weeks. The book also explains in great detail the basic facts about nutrition, the process of inflammation and why eating an anti-inflammation diet for life will make a person look good, feel good and give them the energy required to do good things for themselves and for others. Eating correctly for a more beautiful you and a healthier and happier tomorrow can start today with Eat Right Your Life Depends On It!


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