Antioxidants Linked To Deadly Unintended Consequences


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Dr. Howes presents over 500 scientific reports showing the ineffectiveness of common antioxidants and of these, over 170 studies show harmful effects. This should not be surprising, since our very survival depends on imperative oxidative biochemical pathways. Dr. Howes discusses seven crucial oxidative pathways, including pathogen protection, cancer protection, wound healing, energy production, detoxification, immunity and cellular signaling, which can be blocked or interfered with by "antioxidant stacking or overkill." Thus, it is a no-brainer that antioxidant overload can cause inadvertent harmful maladies and also cause increased risk of death (overall mortality). Antioxidants can act as "dirty bombs" and non-specifically interfere with essential oxidative processes. Preservatives increase antioxidant exposure and this is rapidly contaminating our environment, due to the desire to prevent spoilage (rancidity, discoloration, foul odors, etc.) of common foods and preserve feed supplies of animals, such as cattle, pigs and fish. Antioxidant food fortification is commonplace and genetic modification to augment antioxidant content of foods is on the rise. This book is the world's largest selective collection of antioxidant reports and the cited studies include over 16 million human participants. Thirty two major medical/scientific organizations do not recommend the use of antioxidant supplements but suggest getting them for fresh fruits and vegetables. Dr. Howes has discovered that antioxidants can shield or protect 27 different cancer cell types in the laboratory and 9 murine (rodent) cancer cell types from being killed. Yet, millions of cancer survivors are encouraged to take potentially dangerous doses of antioxidant supplements on a daily basis. Please educate yourself to the inherent dangers of antioxidant overkill. Be smart. Be safe. Dr. Howes presents the downside of antioxidant overloading and exposes the mythology behind aggressive advertising campaigns pushing antioxidant overuse. Dr. Howes convincingly presents overwhelming data which clearly invalidates and nullifies the free radical theory and points out its failure to meet the requirements of the scientific method. The erroneous free radical theory lacks predictability and reproducibility. All antioxidant studies have been based on the flawed free radical theory. Hence, hundreds of studies have failed to show effectiveness or safety of antioxidant use in humans. It is time to move past the debunked free radical theory and to appreciate the many benefits of electronically modified oxygen derivatives (EMODs, previously called reactive oxygen species, ROS). EMODs are essential to normal homeostasis and human survival. Without them we would rapidly succumb, just as we would summarily die without a constant supply of ground state di-radical oxygen. We are, indeed, obligate aerobes. Please do not overlook this most essential fact.

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