Mike Vardy is Eager to be Healthy – By Will’s Might

What can a productivity expert teach us about being healthy and happy?

Quite allot and that why I invited Mike on the show.  I believe he is the most productive Canadian ever.  

Mike Vardy helps me to be more productive. Much of the advice he teaches helps you stay healthy and have more free time do the things you really want to do.  In short working with him is making it easier  to be healthy and happy.

Before becoming a lifestyle and time efficiency expert. Mike was LifeHack managing editor and before that he managed 2 Costco departments. 

Mike also has a passion to perform comedy and he is a huge Green Lantern geek. 

Please enjoy links are below:

Productivityist – http://productivityist.com
The Productivityist Workbook – http://productivityist.com/workbook/
Productivityist Coaching – http://productivityist.com/coaching/
The Productivityist Podcast Patreon page – http://patreon.com/productivityist
Do Better With Asana – http://dobetterwithasana.com
Mike Vardy on Twitter – http://twitter.com/mikevardy



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